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New Ark United Church of Christ

300 East Main Street

Newark, DE 19711


Sundays @ 9:30am
The New Ark United Church of Christ is an inclusive and friendly congregation dedicated to being open to persons of every age, race, sexual orientation, ability and religious background. We are a faith community that values diversity, respects freedom of thought and celebrates the gifts that each person brings to the table. We value individual growth in our faith journeys, offering worship and Christian education to all ages.
We are dedicated to God's call to "do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God," reaching out with compassion and service to those suffering injustice or who are in need in our community and throughout the world. We strive to live peacefully, love fully, and act as faithful stewards of the physical and spiritual universe. [LEARN MORE]
Feb. 7 - Science & Technology Sunday: We use our cellphones and tablets in worship, share in Communion - a technology used by Jesus to bring us closer to God's love - and wonder at the ways both science and faith can connect us to each other and a deeper reverence for our world. Feb. 7 is also Souper Bowl Sunday when our Youth Group will be collecting contributions to help reduce hunger in our local community. Save your pocket change between now and then to put into our soup pots after morning worship. Every little bit helps!
Feb. 10, 8:30-10:30am - Ashes to Go: Come get your ashes and a prayer near the Newark United Methodist Church on Main Street. Rev. Cynthia Robinson and Rev. David Palmer of the Newark UMC will be on the sidewalk to greet you. Look for our 'Ashes to Go' sign. Later that evening at 7pm we will engage in a Lenten art project, sing, pray, and receive ashes. This simple art project will be used in worship throughout Lent and into Easter.
Feb. 14 - Mardi Gras Luncheon: Bring your favorite Mardi Gras food to celebrate the Lenten season. Served potluck style, everyone is encouraged to whip up some Cajun cuisine like jambalaya, shrimp creole or gumbo. If Creole food isn't your thing, a favorite Valentine's Day treat to serve is okay too - we'll simply combine the two holidays! Come celebrate the start of spring!
To read Rev. Cynthia Robinson's Sunday sermons, visit her blog.
"Our goal is to create a beloved community and this will require a qualitative change in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives."
                                                                                 -- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Additional Resources: Community Photo Gallery :: Newcomers Information :: Safe Conduct Policy

Adult Education Conversation on Baptism
Beginning Sunday, Feb. 14 and each Sunday following in the season of Lent, the New Ark will engage in a conversation about baptism, its meaning and practice, and specifically its relationship to church membership. One of our resources will be Rachel Held Evans' book Searching for Sunday. Facilitated by our pastor, Cynthia Robinson.
Feb. 7 @ 11am Annual Meeting
Feb. 15 NAUCC office closed